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Solace Employee Assistance Program because your team is your family and your family deserves the best.

Employee Assistance Programs

EAP is a confidential and comprehensive program set for the employees to overcome stress caused by various physical, emotional and financial factors. While the physical and financial components are easily assessed, emotional issues often remain unaddressed and this can, in turn, affect their personal life and decrease productivity in the workplace. Businesses realized that employees performed better when they had access to confidential resources and began offering resources as a benefit. Companies often offer EAPs because increased access to services has been shown to decrease turnover and sick days while increasing employee satisfaction. Many employers offer increased EAP benefits following times of stress or trauma, we have seen the importance and impact mental health can have on our health, relationships and workplace performance.

EAP is set with the following objectives

  • ● Health Promotion
  • ● Crisis Management
  • ● Positive Well-being
  • ● Enhance Employee productivity
  • ● Organizational Wholeness

Solace EAP wellness services:

  • ● Individual Sessions
  • ● In-person Counselling Sessions
  • ● Online Therapy Sessions
  • ● Boost Positive Workplace Relationships
  • ● Personality therapies
  • ● Personal upliftment

EAP offers counseling for work-related stressors, emotional distress, interpersonal conflicts, financial problems, issues with self-confidence, difficulties with problem-solving and decision making, and marital, family or relationship issues.

At Solace, we are able to provide the necessary therapeutic interventions in the employee’s regional language , and they have the option of visiting our centers at Ernakulam, Dubai, Thrissur, Thiruvalla and Malappuram.

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